Your pet comes first.

Your pet’s care comes before anything else.

Harmony Hospital for Pets provides a number of services from examinations and vaccines to surgery and dental care. We have on-site diagnostics, surgery, dental and pharmacy.


If your animal is in need of an annual wellness exam or is having a medical issue that needs a doctors’ attention, we can help. Call us for whatever you may need – a wellness visit, pet not feeling well or you have a minor emergency. We have both set appointment times as well as a hospital admit option. You can feel assured that your pet will get a complete examination and assessment of the situation along with options as to how to proceed.

We know that getting answers in a timely fashion is important when treating a patient. Sometimes waiting for tests is not an option. We have a complete set of diagnostic options available on-site. We have digital x-ray capability, full blood screening, and fecal/urine analysis capability. We also have on-site ultrasound available by pre-arrangement.
Surgery/Dental Care

We have complete surgery capability from spay/neuter, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic and exploratory if needed. We also have extensive experience and training in dental surgery and provide digital dental x-rays for complete oral diagnostics with all of our dental prophylaxis procedures. Our certified Technicians perform professional dental cleanings by ultrasonic scaling. Good oral health is key to good pet health!

Routine Care Services
We also provide routine care services such as nail trims, anal gland expressions, heartworm testing and more. These services help round out a good health maintenance program for your pet.

We’ll be there when you need us!

Since its opening on October 11, 1991, Harmony Hospital for Pets has been providing the Fort Collins/Loveland area with professional, quality animal care ever since. Our contact information is below!


309 W Harmony Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80526
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Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sun: Closed

Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve: 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Day after Christmas, and New Year's Day: Closed

Contact Info

Phone: 970-226-1524
Fax: 970-226-1061
Email: hhpreception@gmail.com

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Notice to our patients

After much thought and consideration, we have come to the challenging realization we are not able to provide your pet(s) the level of care they need on a consistent basis at Harmony Hospital for Pets. Because of this, we have made the decision to join our veterinary clinic with our other local WellHaven hospitals. Merging our hospitals will allow us to solve staffing challenges while offering increased availability and dependable care for your pet(s).

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be open fewer days as we transition to closing. We ask for your patience and understanding during this difficult time for our team as we navigate through our day-to-day. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to accommodate additional appointments. Our last day seeing patients at Harmony will be March 17, 2022.

To obtain a copy of your pet’s medical records please email us at recordsharmony@wellhaven.com so we can email your pet’s records directly to you, or the veterinary clinic of your choice.

If your pet has a Care Companion Plan (wellness plan) at Harmony you will no longer be billed for the plan as it has been canceled effective immediately. If you have additional questions about the wellness plan you can email: recordsharmony@wellhaven.com.

We are so grateful for your support of our practice over the years and will greatly miss seeing all of you and your pets. Thank you for trusting us with the care of your pet(s), we wish all of you the best.